Best Practice in Dementia Care Programme

This programme was developed by the Dementia Service Development Centre, University of Stirling, UK. JCCPA has been licensed to provide the certificate programme in Chinese language. As well as using the UK curriculum as a blueprint, the course takes into account local culture to ensure best practice. The programme promotes professional sharing and trains professional counterparts in the fields of medical, nursing and elderly care to become trainers, and prepare them to pass on the professional learning to other frontline workers. Trainers and students will receive a graduation certificate from the University of Stirling and JCCPA.

Programme Objectives

  • to promote a “people-centred care” culture and introduce systematic people-oriented training courses for organisations, integrating overseas service models with local culture to deliver more measured care services for people with dementia
  • to provide standard guidelines for service units through evidence-based research and evaluation
  • to help participants understand the needs of people with dementia from different perspectives

Trainer Series


15 sessions, covering:

Care and the plight of people with dementia in Hong Kong
People-centred care concepts and communication models
People-centred analyses of behaviour
Practical experience of course trainers
The intention of adult education and how to lead reflective learning


Professional workers in the fields of medical care and elderly care (including social workers, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists)

Training Hours

30 hours
(Complete 15 training sessions within 6-10 months, and 1 session of 2-hour every two weeks)

Graduation Requirements:

  • 90% or above attendance; and
  • Provide 12 sessions of training to at least 8 professional or frontline workers (course participants) within 6-10 months after the training course; and
  • Both the trainer and trainees meet graduation requirements
  • Graduated trainers will receive a certificate jointly issued by the University of Stirling and JCCPA

Trainees Series


12 training sessions, covering:
Dementia and people with dementia
Support for people with dementia, their family caregivers and carers
“People-centred care” and building meaningful interpersonal relationships
Health and welfare
Communication and behaviour
Legal considerations and arrangements related to dementia


Entry-level social workers, health workers, home caregivers and occupational therapy assistants

Training Hours

24 hours (Complete 12 sessions of training within 6-10 months, or 1 session of 2-hour every two weeks)

Graduation Requirements

  • Attendance of 90% or above (attending 11 sessions or more); and
  • Complete two written assignments (300 words in Chinese)
  • Graduates will be presented a certificate jointly issued by the University of Stirling and JCCPA

Application Dates

Submit application form six months before the intended training date.
Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Enquirues Tel

Department of Communications and Development 2946 8139
The information above is for reference only; the programme organiser has the final decision on all course content.