Find Your Suitable Service

If you suspect that you or your family members may have symptom of dementia or cognitive decline, please seek medical help as soon as possible. It will be helpful for delaying the degeneration. Taking care of the people with dementia is challenging. Caregivers should not only manage the knowledge of dementia but should also utilise the community resources to release pressure. The following information will be useful for caregivers to find the suitable service and support. Caregivers can also download the leaflet of “Community Resources” for reference.

Assessment and Evaluation

If your family member has an obvious change in his/her memory, personality, habit and behaviour, such as frequent loss of personal belongings, difficulties in expression and understanding, confusion about time and person, loss of initiative, sudden indifference, he/she might have dementia. It is recommended to seek medical help as soon as possible. You can reach out to:
  1. Private Medical Practitioner
  2. JCCPA’s Memory Clinic
  3. Other Memory Clinics operated by NGOs
  4. Some Government-operated Memory Clinic / Geriatric / Elderly Psychiatric Clinic (Must have referral letter from medical doctor)

Residential Care Services

When the physical conditions of those with dementia become weak or the caregivers may not be able to continue taking care of them, residential care services will be a way out for these families. Residential care services mainly include Home for the Aged, Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly, Nursing Homes and Infirmary. Applicants can register at the District Family Service Centres, Medical Social Service Units, District Elderly Community Centres or Neighbourhood Elderly Centres.
To provide a temporary relief for caregivers to cater their needs (e.g. travelling, hospitalisation, holidays of domestic helpers), JCCPA and some elderly homes provide temporary residential services for those in need.

Community Care Services

Day Care Centres

Day Care Centres for People with Dementia provides various activities and training for those with dementia to increase their confidence, maintain their dignity, try to allow them to perform their functionality and delay their cognitive decline. Apart from JCCPA, Social Welfare Department, some elderly service units or private care centres also provide day care services and day respite services for the elderly with dementia.

Holiday Day Care Centres

To meet the needs of caregivers, JCCPA also provides day care services on Sundays and during holidays. We will arrange fulfilling activities for participants to have a pleasant holiday.

Enhanced Home and Community Care Services

To allow the infirm to continue living at home, some non-government-funded organisations provide home support services in various districts, such as medical and personal care, rehabilitation training, meal delivery, and escorts for medical appointments.

Caregivers Support Services

Enquiry Hotline

Many Dementia Service Organisations provide enquiry hotline, counseling and emotion support services for people with dementia and their family who are in need.

Caregivers Support Group

Caregivers Support Group is a mutual aid group whose participants are mainly caregivers. Through regular gatherings, caregivers will be able to get support from peers and professionals. Social workers will also provide suitable counselling and support to the family of people with dementia.

Caregivers Training

Different service organisations provide regular trainings for caregivers to equip them with dementia knowledge and caring techniques. Enquiry through below information:

Dementia Resources Centre

The Dementia Resources Centre is specialized in providing comprehensive information of dementia, including bilingual books, periodicals, audio & visual files, reports, informative leaflets. The public are welcomed to visit.

Other Support Services

Financial Support​

Caregivers who have financial difficulties can apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance through District Family Service Centres or Medical Social Service Units. Those who want to apply for Disability Allowance should seek help from Medical Social Service Units.

Transportation Support​

The Rehabus Service and Easy-Access Bus under the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation provide accessible transport services for people with impaired mobility.

Rehabilitation Equipment Loan Service​