• “What should I do if my memory is failing?”
  • “Do I have dementia?”
  • “Is dementia curable?”
  • “How do I look after a family member with dementia?”
  • “I have to constantly keep an eye on her or she’ll get lost. I can’t take it anymore. What can I do?”

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What is dementia?

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is an issue that touches everyone. As we grow older, our memory may decline and we fear it is a sign of cognitive degeneration. Our family members may also be worried by this alienating disease.

With understanding, love, care and good communication, we can face dementia with ease.
Our Services


The right care and personalised support will help people with dementia continue to live well and comfortably. JCCPA provides person-centred care services for people with dementia, based on individual’s needs and capabilities. From maintaining brain health to diagnosis, from offering care to training, we offer one-stop services to help people with dementia to improve their capabilities and slow their cognitive decline.
Key Projects

Jockey Club Younger Onset Dementia Support Project

Support people with Younger Onset Dementia and their caregiver

Jockey Club Discharge Support and Rehabilitation Programme

Aims to help people with dementia to rehabilitate and adapt to home life after hospitalisation.

Jockey Club Caring Communities for Dementia Campaign

Aims to rally the general public and make use of technology to find people with dementia who have gotten lost.


Training and Courses

With a wealth of practical experience, professional knowledge and enthusiasm to advance dementia care, the JCCPA team offers training to the family members and carers of people with dementia, as well as to enhance the professionalism of Hong Kong’s counterparts through providing professional training with customized courses and experience sharing.

Family Caregivers

Learning and Support

Domestic Helpers

Training Course

Professional Workers
Professional Training
Continuing Learning
Corporates and Organisations

Training and Consultancy Services

Public Education

Building Dementia Friendly Communities



As a prime dementia research base in Hong Kong, we focus on evidence-based research projects to shape the profession. Since 2005, JCCPA has completed and published results of more than 30 surveys and studies. The research results have contributed to enhancing care and services for dementia.


JCCPA was set up to meet the needs of people with dementia. As Hong Kong’s first one-stop service centre for people with dementia, we deliver integrated services to our clients, offer professional training to our carers and counterparts, and conduct research into advancing dementia care.

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Environment and Facilities

A well-thought-out environment with the right facilities is a key that keeping people with dementia safe. JCCPA knows dementia well and created a dementia-friendly environment where our clients will be safe and enjoying positive ageing.

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