Safety for Caregivers

While protecting the safety of people with dementia, caregivers should also mind their own well-being. Only then will you have the physical health and mental stability to care for your loved ones with dementia.

Safety for Caregivers


  • Put away all sharp objects, such as choppers, scissors, sharp tools and glass containers
  • Avoid over-stimulating people with dementia, and when either you or your loved one with dementia is emotionally agitated, temporarily leave the scene to cool down first
  • Carry a mobile phone which has the family members’ contact numbers with you, and call them or the police for help when needed

Avoid falling due to being dragged down or pushed away by people with dementia

  • If you are not strong enough, avoid supporting the weight of people with dementia
  • Stand steadily first before holding a person with dementia
  • If the person with dementia doesn’t like to be helped, take care when walking near him/her and be prepared to be abruptly pushed away
  • If you are about to fall, try to avoid hitting hard objects or landing on the head or neck

Occupational Safety for Caregivers


  • Avoid prolonged repetitive actions
  • Use assistive tools, such as pill-cutting boxes, bathtub boards, bathchairs, handrails and nursing beds
  • If you feel pain, consult a physiotherapist and use protective gear according to recommendations, such as knee braces, ankle braces, wrist braces, hand protectors and waistbands
  • Hire a domestic helper when needed to share caring duties