Environment and Facilities

Safe, comfortable and free, just like home

JCCPA is acutely aware of the lifestyle needs of people with dementia. Knowing that most are not good at expressing themselves and tend to feel unsettled in different environments, JCCPA designs dementia-friendly environment thoughtfully. People with dementia are often wandering around, so JCCPA has installed card access and double passcode security system at all entrances to minimise the risk of people in our care getting lost. Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment where people with dementia feel like they are home.

Visit Application

As Hong Kong’s first integrated service centre for people with dementia, JCCPA welcomes visitors, especially people with dementia and family members. As well, we welcome visits by our local and overseas professional counterparts and tertiary students, to promote communication and exchanges and jointly foster service development for caring for those with dementia.

To Apply

Personal Visits

  • For people with dementia and their family members
    Please call 2636 6323 to make an appointment

Group Visits

  • Suitable for our professional counterparts, social welfare and medical organisations, tertiary students, etc
    Complete the application form and fax to 2636 0323