Residential Service

Available when relief is required

JCCPA understands that some families are not equipped to care for those with dementia at home and require full-time care services. Our Residential Service offers comprehensive, personalised and attentive care by a professional care team, to help create a warm “home” for those with dementia. (See Environment and Facilities for more details)
Residents can also join the care and training services of the Day Care Centre to slow their cognitive degeneration and ease the pressure on caregivers. Every service user is cared for by a professional care caseworker, with individually tailored training plans and ongoing monitoring to help family members keep track of their prognosis.
Room Choices
  • Quadruple rooms, twin rooms, standard single rooms, deluxe single rooms
  • Own bathrooms


Flexible Arrangements
  • Available for short-term* or long-term residency

*short-term residency is available only to members using the Day Care Service


Safe and Comfortable
  • Simple and warm home design
  • Thoughtful safety features (e.g. windows that can be opened to a certain angle for ventilation but are too small for a person to climb out)


Regular Schedules
  • Daily schedules are designed to simulate home life to minimise disruption that may lead to mental and behavioural confusion at night


Technology Adopted
  • Multiple leave bed sensors and monitoring systems

Targeted Service Users

People with dementia who have residential needs and meet the following conditions:
  1. Do not have any serious illnesses, such as recurrent heart disease, or dependencies, such as oxygen therapy, and are not bed-ridden.
  2. Do not have extensive nursing requirements, such as Peritoneal Dialysis or nasal feeding.
  3. Are able to eat by mouth and swallow safely – no tube feeding is needed.
  4. Only need one person to help lift or move about.  
  5. Do not create a serious disturbance or display aggressive behaviours.

Service Fees

Effective Date: 1 January 2024

Types of Room Fee Per Day Fee Per Month
Quadruple Room HKD$1,205-1,500 HKD$35,475
Triple Room HKD$1,380-1,600 HKD$38,680
Twin Room HKD$1,500-1,700 HKD$41,960
Ordinary Single Room HKD$1,780 HKD$49,535
Deluxe Single Room HKD$1,900 HKD$53,860
Transitional Care Bed Service Monthly fee + $13,000
The above fees include three main meals, one morning snack, one afternoon tea, day care activities and personal care services

To Apply

Applicants must undertake a Two-day Trial Programme at our Day Care Centre for observation to determine if the Residential Service is suitable for the applicant. (See Day Care Service for more details)
Complete the application form and submit, together with copies of an MEF and x-ray report signed by a medical doctor, by fax to 2636 0323 or by mail to
The Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, 27 A Kung Kok Street, Shatin, N.T.
Service charges subject to the latest announcement of JCCPA