To go with the rationale of early diagnosis and early intervention, the Memory Clinic provides memory and cognitive assessment for people who are suspected of suffering from dementia. Early diagnosis helps medical staff, social workers and family caregivers to provide the necessary support with an aim to delay ability decline and relieve pressure in caring, thus improving quality of life for people with dementia.

Service Details

Target Service Users

People suspected of suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment
This service is only provided for people with Hong Kong Identity Card 


(Effective date: 1 September 2019)

Items Fees
Memory Assessment by General Practitioner
First Consultation HK$675 per visit*
Follow-up Consultation HK$390 per visit*
Memory Assessment by Specialist in Geriatric Medicine/ Specialist-in-Psychiatry
First Consultation HK$1,225 per visit*
Follow-up Consultation HK$660 per visit*
Dispensary Administration Fee HK$75 per visit

* Excludes laboratory tests and medication fees

Application Procedure

Please call 2636 6323 during office hours for appointments.

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* Service charges subject to the latest announcement of JCCPA