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21st anniversary of JCCPA

June 24 marked the 21st anniversary of JCCPA, signifying we reached a new milestone. A series of image reformations were conducted since last year, from brand new agency logo to our staff cards to provide a bracing look. In spite of that, we will maintain the person-centered approach so as to provide high-quality and comprehensive services to people with dementia, and at the same time keep up the status as a one-stop dementia services centre. Nevertheless, a brand-new website will be launched soon. Please stay tuned.

Elderly Activity

The desire of beauty is across ages and always delighted for everyone. JCCPA organised an aroma and make-up workshop for our elder members. The workshop was conducted by registered aromatherapist and make-up artist, Aloha, who taught our members with basic skincare skills, eyebrows drawing and hair design techniques. All cosmetic is made with ingredients that are natural and non-irritated for skin. The make-up process aims to provide eye-hand coordination training, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence for our members. In addition, participants also engaged in various social interactions during the workshop. After making up well, our members were satisfied and cheerful.

Jockey Club Caring Communities for Dementia Campaign

JCCPA was very honored to have Alife Volunteers, a fan club volunteer group of well-known artist Ms Ali Lee. They participated in a talk on dementia in JCCPA to know more about dementia and the details of the Jockey Club Caring Communities for Dementia Campaign. Participants were encouraged to download the “Dementia’s Secret Angel” APP. When receiving the notification of somebody missing, they were encouraged to turn on the Bluetooth and GPS function on their phone, which can help find the missing people with dementia so that they can meet their families as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that Ali signed on our “Dementia Angel” keychain. If you are interested, please download the “Dementia’s Secret Angel” APP and fill in the form (https://forms.gle/B5fYkVAxTX5G7jb99 ) for one.

JCCPA was proud to have generous support from Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) on being a corporate partner of the Jockey Club Caring Communities for Dementia Campaign. It was the first time that the “Dementia’s Secret Angel” APP was being downloaded in over 50 HKT, CSL and 1010 stores in Hong Kong to co-building a dementia-friendly community. The representative of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, co-organiser of the campaign, visited the HKT store and share the usage of the APP with their colleagues.

"1+2" Family Caregivers Training Course

JCCPA organised the third session of the “1+2 Family Caregivers Training Courses” on 19 June online.

We sincerely thank you Dr. Jenny Lee, Specialist in Geriatric Medicine, who spared her precious time and generously shared about the issues related to dementia care with over 250 family caregivers. A wide variety of topics were covered, including emotional changes of people with dementia in different stages the application of related psychiatric drugs and the coping methods of caregivers. Dr. Lee also share advices with the caregivers according to their caring cases and ways to overcome various challenges when caring for people with dementia. We sincerely hope the practice could help them alleviate their difficulties and pressures.

Registration for the third quarter of “1+2” Family Caregivers Training Course is now open. July’s “One Day Intensive Training” will be conducted by our Training Consultant, Mr. Andrew Lau. Our Physiotherapist, Mr. Ben Chan, will share exercise, lifting skills and pain management for people with dementia in August while our Registered Nurse, Ms. Bonnie Li will share oral hygiene, nutrition and menu planning in September. Family caregivers are welcome to register at https://forms.gle/EEgMZ6eEkkvm8ddG7.